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Carers Leave Regulations Made Simple

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Starting April 6, 2024, the Carer’s Leave Regulations 2024 will bring a significant change for carer employees in the UK. This article aims to break down the key points of these regulations to make them easier to understand, benefiting both employers and employees as they navigate this new aspect of employment law.

What’s New for SMEs?

1. Carer’s Leave Entitlement

Eligible employees can take up to one week of unpaid carer’s leave within a 12-month period from their first day of employment.

This applies to employees caring for someone with a long-term care need.

2. Flexible Leave Usage

The one-week leave can be taken in half-days or full days, providing flexibility for caregiving duties.

Days off don’t need to be consecutive, allowing for better management of responsibilities.

3. Notice Requirements

Employees must give written notice to their employer before taking carer’s leave.

Notice should be twice the leave requested or three days if longer, like for holiday requests.

4. Employer’s Right to Delay Leave

 Employers can delay carer’s leave if it significantly disrupts business operations.

If postponement happens, employees must be notified before the leave starts, with clear reasons provided.

Postponement can only be for a maximum of one month.

Questions to consider:

  • How will your company ensure employees know about their entitlement to Carer’s Leave?
  • What strategies will your company use to accommodate flexible leave usage?
  • How will your company handle notice requirements for Carer’s Leave requests?
  • What measures will your company take to prevent discrimination or unfair treatment?
  • How will your company train line managers to understand and implement these new regulations?
  • What provisions will your company make to monitor and review Carer’s Leave implementation for compliance and effectiveness?

In Conclusion:

The Carer’s Leave Regulations 2024 are a big step in supporting carer employees to balance work and caregiving. Understanding these rules can help create a supportive workplace. Let’s embrace these changes positively! Reach out to HR Delivered for advice on employment law, EDI, talent acquisition, and more. Let’s drive positive change together!

Together, lets harness the power of employment law changes to drive positive change. If you’d like to discuss this article and learn how HR Delivered can advise you on employment law changes, EDI, talent acquisition, recruitment, and other critical business win themes, get in touch today.

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